Siberian Shaman to cleanse State Duma from evil spirits
05/08/2004 13:35
Siberian Shaman offered to cleanse the building of State Duma from evil spirits

Supreme Shaman of Siberia Toizin Bergenov says he is ready to cleanse the building of Russian State Duma from evil spirits. The information has been received Thursday during a meeting of the Duma's social business and religious organization Committee.

"Hereditary shaman considers that in the course of 10 years too much negativity has accumulated in the lower chamber. This negativity, apparently, spoils lives of everyone who works in the building," stated head of the Committee.

Earlier, a group of delegates has suggested consecrating the Parliament"s building for the second time. It has already been consecrated in 1994 right after thorough repair works and was conducted by archbishop of Istra Arseni, assistant of Russian Patriarch Alexi, reports "Interfax".

"The Shaman really enjoyed the idea of attracting Orthodox priests to fight Duma's evil. According to the shaman, however, one ritual will not be enough to exterminate all negativity in the State Duma," said a Committee's spokesman.

In order to conduct the ritual, Shaman is willing to come to Moscow in the end of June when the "Spirit of the Sun" is most powerful, according to him.

"Many delegates of the State Duma support such idea and are currently preparing a special address to the Parliament"s speaker Boris Glyzlov," stated head of the DUma's Committee.


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