Pictures of Tibet & Ladakh, 1984 & 1986

Tsangpo River Flowing Through Tibet
Great Tsangpo River flowing through Tibet

Taken in Ladakh in 1984


Ganden Monastary-what's left

Ganden Monastery (or what is left of it), 1986

Ganden Monastary-What's Left

Dr. Yeshe Dhonden
Sleep and the Inner Landscape,
An Interview about
Dreams and Tibetan Medicine with
the Tibetan Physician, Dr. Yeshe Dhonden

Medicine Buddha holding myrobalan

Aroma Therapeutic Tibetan Herbal Incense

"Tibetan incense, medicinal powder, and Tibetan 'precious pills' are in
great demand here," said one police officer who asked not to be named.
"People believe that it can prevent the virus. And SARS hasn't spread to Tibet."
Radio Free Asia-May 7, 2003

Tibetan Precious Pills and Herbal Formulations 

Handbook of Traditional Tibetan Drugs: Their Nomenclature,Composition, Use and Dosage

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