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 A visitor writes about Iodine:

Dear Sir:
I recently had an article published... The article is about iodine.
There is mounting evidence that iodine deficiency is a major cause of
breast, uterine, ovarian and prostrate cysts and cancer.

One Iodoral iodine supplement tablet contains the same amount of iodine as
two drops of Lugol's solution.  Of course, your Lugol's solution  is less
expensive than the tablets.  I have inserted the article below and attached
it to this email.

You may print the article but I reserve the publication rights because I
intend to submit the article to several heath organizations.  My only
interest is to help people live healthier and longer lives.

Best regards,

Robert Sarver

Iodine Deficiency
By Robert Sarver
"Copyrighted in 2005 by Robert Sarver.  Posted with the permission of the
        Dr. David Brownstein has a US medical practice dealing primarily with
thyroid patients.  He has been quite successful treating hypothyroidism and
hyperthyroidism with the iodine/iodide supplement Iodoral that is available
over the Internet without prescription.  Dr. Brownstein believes that the
usual thyroid medication prescribed by doctors is the wrong treatment
because it does not deal with the underlying iodine deficiency problem.
        All cells in the body need iodine for proper functioning.  All glands
(thyroid, adrenal, etc.) especially need iodine for the production of
hormones.  Dr. Brownstein believes that iodine deficiency is a major cause
of breast cancer and other diseases of the reproductive organs such as
ovarian, uterus and prostrate cysts and cancers.   Iodine levels in US soil
have fallen 50 per cent over the past 50 years and soil in the US is
deficient in iodine.  The Great Lakes region has some of lowest soil iodine
levels in the world and this results in high levels of cancers related to
iodine deficiency.  Dr. Brownstein has been quite successful in treating
fibrocystic breast disease (cysts in the breast) with iodine/iodine
supplementation.  In one case a 37 year-old woman with severe fibrocystic
breast disease was completely cured after supplementing with 50 mgs of
iodine a day for two months.  Women with large breasts need more iodine than
women with smaller breasts.  Other medical authorities agree that iodine
deficiency can lead to fibrocystic breast disease and/or ovarian cysts. [1]
[2] [3] Iodine can similarly reduce uterine fibroids and one of the first
conventional medical treatments for severe fibroids was to paint the uterus
with iodine. [4]
        Some other medical conditions associated with iodine deficiency are
goiters, Graves’ Disease, Hashimoto’s Disease, fatigue and impaired immune
system function.  Iodine deficiency during pregnancy can lead to
miscarriages and reduced IQ in surviving offspring. [5]  The World Health
Organization says that iodine deficiency is the largest single cause of
mental retardation.  Iodine also detoxifies the body by removing mercury,
fluorides, chlorides, and bromides.
        If iodine/iodide are so crucial in the body, why hasn’t there been more
research studies published?  Dr. Brownstein believes that because iodine
cannot be patented there is no incentive for the drug companies to perform
the research.
        Iodized salt and the iodine supplements usually found in health food stores
contain the iodide form of iodine.  Dr. Brownstein has had little success
treating patients with only iodide.  The supplement Iodoral contains both
the iodide (reduced) and iodine (oxidized) forms of iodine because the body
needs both forms.  The US RDA for iodine is 150 mcg.  Iodoral contains 100
times (12.5 mgs) the RDA’s requirement of iodine/iodide.  It seems the
conventional medical establishment again has grossly underestimated the
amount of a nutrient needed for good health. According to Dr. G. E. Abraham,
“Of all the elements known so far to be essential for health, iodine is the
most misunderstood and the most feared. Yet, it is by far the safest of all
the trace elements known to be essential for human health. It is the only
trace element that can be ingested safely in amounts up to 100,000 times the
RDA. For example, potassium iodide has been prescribed safely to pulmonary
patients in daily amounts of up to 6.0 gm/day, in large groups of such
patients for several years.  It is important however to emphasize that this
safety record only applies to inorganic nonradioactive iodine/iodide, not to
organic iodine-containing drugs and to radioiodides.” [6]
Seafood and sea plants such as kelp (seaweed) are good dietary sources of
iodine but few people in the US consume enough of these foods.
On a personal note, I found sellers of Iodoral on the Internet and purchased
180 tablets for $40.  The usual dosage as a supplement is one tablet a day
but up to four tablets a day can be taken for medical conditions under a
knowledgeable MD’s supervision.
        For those interested in knowing more about iodine’s function in preventing
and treating diseases, four of Dr. Brownstein’s video clips located at
http://vitamincfoundation.org/videos.  Dr. Brownstein’s home page and links
to his books are located at http://www.drbrownstein.com/iodine.shtml.  His
books include “Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It”,
“Overcoming Thyroid Disorders” and “Salt: Your Way to Health” which
encourages consumption of sea salt in order to obtain many trace minerals.
Informative research papers about iodine are at

[1] J. D. Fleches, MD, http://www.helpmythyroid.com/iodine.htm
[2] Abraham, G. E., Flechas, J. D., Hakala, J. C.,
“Orthoiodosupplementation: Iodine sufficiency of the whole human body”,
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[4] Herb and Supplement Encyclopedia,
[5] Iodine Deficiency Disorder,
[6] G. E. Abraham, MD, “The safe and effective implementation of
orthoiodosupplementation in medical practice”,


 Dr. D.C. Jarvis

" I believe the doctor of the future will be a teacher as well as a physician.
His real job will be to teach people how to be healthy." Dr. D.C. Jarvis